Nicht freigeschaltete Replique bei Anjin Anhut

Replique: ‚@E. R.
No, I would like to play much more male characters in stockings or high heels. But I’m no realist either: stereotypes can only be a problem in realist media and, ideologically speaking, mainstream video games are thankfully not very realistic at all. At least not yet. Just like science-fiction novels or comic books.

I agree that there is a problem with body representation in video games where female characters show more skin than males while males are much more portrayed in armor for example. But the armor may be their sexiness and I guess that has much more to do with homophobia than misogyny.
Dante in the new “DMC” for example. There’s partial nudity in the E3 (2012) trailer and I was very glad to see that. It’s a metrosexual character. Maybe because Ninja Theory’s chief designer Tameem Antoniades is a very progressive guy, and he was heavily attacked because of the more feminine new design of the character. It’s misogynistic too, that Ubi obviously thinks that a female lead in the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise is obviously only good for a spin-off (Liberation).
It’s mysogynistic that there are no female avatars in “Call of Duty”-multiplayer, in spite of its worldwide popularity. It’s misogynistic that there are so few female authors or creative directors in this industry. It’s misogynistic that most females occupied in this industry are working in art design or marketing departments.
The whole video game industry is quite sexist. Like the rest of the world too. That should be out of the question BUT what’s happening here is that (male, heterosexual) fantasies are attacked because they are (male, heterosexual) fantasies. And you, you say it yourself, you don’t want to be confronted with them. That’s fine, that’s your right. But my right is to say that there are far less fantasies in that regard: I can only name “Onechanbara” and “Dead or Alive”. “Tomb Raider” to me, is much more “Prince of Persia” with a female character I most of the times don’t find very attractive. Therefore it has only little sexual attraction to me: “it”, the game, not, “it”, the female character. And, most importantly: there is no object which I find sexual attractive, not in the sense of Eija-Riitta Eklöf-Berliner-Mauer. I’m no objectivist either because I’m handicapped and therefore Ayn Rand is no political option to me. I’m always attracted to people, women, females or other people/characters who look like females. If I’m looking at bodies I’m always looking at some sort of attractive expression, behavior, mannerism or ideals. The reality is in fact always vanishing in that process. To the point that reality is even not there.
What people mean when they say objectification of women is much more use or abuse of women. Men who think they can possess women. Like objects. To me, calling that “objectification” even downplays misogyny in the sense that misogyny or sexism is at its core much more like other forms of racism too. Misogyny is not about hating women as objects but hating women as women, female beings. And that’s the big problem of this world which makes me, for example, a feminist. Like other forms of racism are making me anti-racist too, because women are human beings like I am. And cause I’m a heterosexual male I even couldn’t live without (representations of) females.‘

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