Replik auf Marcus Beer

Bei Viacom: „No. It’s not just the name-calling. The one thing you do the most is to strengthen debates in the most-publicized direction. You don’t disagree with the majority but you use their resentment for your own purpose.
Yes, their is a somewhat chauvinistic attitude among Indie developers like Jonathan Blow for example, writers like Tom Bissell. And you addressed that – fine, but the way you did it is very similar to people like Mr. Fish not liking this or that. Both of you jump on bandwagons all the time. Just on different ones. But both of these vehicles transport ideas which divide the gaming crowd. Could intimidate people. Are discriminating, and so forth.
AND you don’t like the belts Hip Hop gamer was wearing and smashed his homophobia. In spite the fact that the aforementioned media personality reportedly tried to apologise for his behaviour a long time ago. Yet on the other hand you attack other people regarding their own supposed autosexuality, hitting them for their suggested masturbation habits in one way or the other. Both personalities, which means your „annoyed“ too, are therefore also quite similar. And well, it seems that this is just the way Viacom goes these days
The reason why people like you find work here – and a corresponding audience who applauds them on a daily basis.“


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