Kommentar zu (Idiome in) „Gone Home“ (2013)

Am „Critical Damage“-Blog von Brendan Keogh: ‚I didn’t play this expecting a ghost story, but for the sake of getting thrown into a Bourgeois environment and being confronted with the feelings of supposed „normal“ people, especially towards the other „weirdos“. Therefore I’m kinda disappointed when there’s not only a supposed to be taboo-breaking same-sex coming-of-age of the little sister – in the end the game plays out in parallels to the short-lived but well-remembered television series „My So-Called Life“ – but also a (family) ghost story.
Yet at first and foremost, this game is about normality and the supposed pleasures of traditional family values. And in that regard, this is probably the most voyeuristic video game ever made. „Gone Home“ would be really embarrassing, if they didn’t place obscure letters in the most absurd places trying to reenact a certain atmosphere of the Mid-Nineties. And these stereotypical feelings about what a „video game“ would be, or how „immature“ they regularly were, are also such „tropes“ full of pride and prejudice – „Gone Home“ may not be a „young“ video game, but it certainly is a new one on very old American subject matters.‘

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