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Zu Review: ‚I guess when it comes to games like these, there are only two terms which seem to be relevant to the GT staff: „perversion“ and „creep“. The „creeps“ being people like me, and the „perversions“ the games I prefer to play.

But guess what? You are the ones who are constantly (re)producing both of them. Both of their ideas.

It’s always the same, and I know that long before even starting watching such a review. While the constant shooting, stabbing, vicious killing in western realist titles like „The Last of Us“, even regarding underage girls, is considered fine drama, GOTY, high art, and so on.

Guess because of its puritan aesthetics and authoritarian look at the world, the people „capable“ of „surviving“ in it, and their supposed to be „respectable“ relationship with nature. Regarding the gold old Frontier and an American gun.

Who is therefore „perverted“? And in what „nice“ culture of this, did you put yourself into?

All-„inclusive“. Yet the only people who get excluded by you are the ones who are truly different, are not in a position of successfully „defending“ themselves, because of their otherwise alienated chances as persons, handicapped bodies, different skills and so on.

Xenophobia, oppressive body politics and sexual discrimination at their worst. I wonder when you start calling Hideo Kojima a „pervert“, because of his cardboard boxes… Or isn’t there anyone else at the office, who – other than Ben Moore -, wants to review such titles?

This is just a tongue-in-cheek sexual fantasy RPG. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sexism/misogny are also much more present in reviews like these by the way, where the female body wants to be constantly covered up, hidden from the world. Where they must not be revealed in any kind, „protected“ as always potential and everlasting „victims“. Where being a victim, or adapting the male violent standpoint (again, like in „The Last of Us“ or „Tomb Raider“ for examples) seems to be the only form of empowerment possible for you guys, in some sort of dogmatic look at media as a whole. And this is just patriarchy at its worst. Or what solidarity with women, biological or not, or other human beings for that matter, who defy living in these categories, is that?

Go read some Angela Carter! Or at least Alan Moore/Melinda Gebbie -‚

Update 14. August. Repliken: ‚@Karlos

Yes, but since when are panties a „perversion“. I also use to wear them. Gross?


On contrary. Unfortunately, I did. Like other reviews and discussions of yours, starting with „Killer Is Dead“ for example. My comment may not be placed best under particularly this review, but it’s more the reaction regarding a whole notion of sexual expression that I find offensive and therefore again, wrote about. Otherwise, if the review would have been even more insulting, I may not have written something: it’s more the casualness that irritates me, when you talk about „perversions“. And why is the other comment I got in my mail from you, not being published? I’d really like to know the difference between hate speech and criticism. Or „critique“, for that matter…

@Pwn Star

So stripping biological males in this game, most commonly those without „titties“, is less a problem. And you would rather penetrate the skulls of your opponents with an axe (like in the „Tomb Raider“ I mentionend), then „smack people with a fan“ or just strip them down to their underwear for a symbolic defeat? Very interesting indeed…‘

Wem es nicht aufgefallen sein sollte: die Figur welche sich über mir dort weiterhin über „Perverse“ und „Pornostars“ beschwert hat Hitler als Avatar… Nachlese von 2013

17. August: ‚Everytime this video starts it goes on and on about the game probably being a „perverted mess“ and made for „creeps“. Maybe the rest of the video is fine with the game, but there are other reviews too – „Written by: BEN MOORE“ – like the one about „Killer Is Dead“ I already mentioned. That review informs the viewer/reader about certain aspects of that game that would make you feel like a „perverted creep the entire time.“ So people who enjoy these parts could actually only be „perverted creeps“. Your feelings are fine, but if you don’t want to talk about sex at all, maybe you should better keep these „opinions“ about other people’s sexuality to yourself then.

So I’m in a minority here and you certainly have many fans. Yet it’s not about how I feel, but what you wrote. And therefore it’s not about an apology either. If you do not want to talk about the politics of sexuality, maybe you should just stop calling sexual content you don’t like or you do not understand a „perversion“ then, or suggesting this content is made for „creeps“.

I understand that you don’t want to explain these words about the sexuality of others, but I’m also concerned about the reactions this language provokes. Or just look at the first comment here now, posted only five hours ago. It says: „Rape Trainer 101“, suggesting the game would „train“ raping other people. I wonder where that comes from, if it’s not your review talking about a „perverted mess“ and „creeps“.

And as a symbolic analyst I try to understand why reviewers like you appreciate games like „Deadly Premonition“, but associate these other games with „perversions“ and „creeps“. Therefore I guess it may have something to do with the diferent way they portray sexuality.

Among other things, like gameplay mechanics and storytelling. That’s all.‘

„Gigolo missions unlock the different transformations for your gun arm, so why they’re technically optional, you’re going to want to do them anyway. Just know you’ll feel like a perverted creep the entire time.“ (Autopsie vom selben Tag, 00:16, Review vom 27. August 2013, Firefox 31.0);

Wie ich informiert wurde gehört „Viacom“ nun nicht mehr Viacom, sondern Defy Media Das erklärt dann auch die jüngste Kooperation von mit The Escapist…

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