Nützliche Forschung: Kommentar zu Gollwitzer, Rothmund, Klimmt, Nauroth und Bender

Beitrag im VDVC-Forum: ‚I guess the problems within these papers already begin with the definition of „science“. They are trying to force the principles of nature on cultural belongings, for example by neglecting a possible different interpretation of fictional content regarding social issues – like even Quandt in his reaction to questions here, such „opinions“ http://vdvc.de/blog/2015/01/28/zesta2014-eine-zensur-findet-nicht-statt/
They are not talking about art and its reception, but usage and the outcomes of consumption by establishing the existence of risk groups. And naturalistic world views do their own work, by supposing non-empirical studies would be inferior and so on.
Other than that, any humanities interest in video games, or „digitale Spiele“ like they call them in German, is very little and few. Yet I consider this to be a major threat for free studies in the humanities, marginalising other approaches and discriminating by all means also approved scholars, like myself for example. Not only an imagined audience that’s supposed to be ignorant, „aggressive“ and/or „hateful“, but everyone who tends to disagree with them, to question their work and therefore probably also should get intimated by those papers and their assumptions. In my experience there is no possibility at all to even get heard by those monolithic empirical approaches, because the wording and definitions within their circles are extremely determined and full of prejudice regarding everyone who does not „belong“ to their field.‘

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