Kommentar bei Mark Kern’s Petition

Auf Facebook. Über Journalist Pat Garrett: ‚Sorry, but who is this „we“ he’s talking about? As a handicapped person I don’t see myself at all „included“ in this industry. It’s rather the other way around: the only people I consider they want to see represented are supposed to be beautiful, strong, capable bodies with certain „skills“ and talents. Just like last night at the Oscars. With all their makeup and plastic surgery. „Male“ or „female“. Downplaying, historicizing and sugarcoating the all-present racism in everyday lives. Those equipped with the economic and political power of a thousand Twitter followers they can manipulate, Kickstarter supporters et al. What I do see is that such journalists are putting stamps on other people, people like myself: if it’s GamerGate or not, labels as „male“, „female“, „adolescent“, regarding different sexualities and so on. Yet I was never associated with GamerGate or any other other antifeminist movement, right-wingers from conservatives onward, or other reactionary forces. And to be „polite and constructive“ maybe just belittle those accusations I certainly don’t want to downplay. On the contrary I consider myself to be a rather strong feminist, while victimising women and oppressing their sexuality is certainly not in my interest. Especially when it’s mostly articulated by supposed-to-be „males“.‘


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