Kommentar zu Jim Sterling & Co.

Auf YouTube: „It’s not a question of social justice to not release this game in the west, but social injustice. It’s social injustice to discriminate the sexuality of others – a supposed to be minority, because in spite of a half a million possible customers the game remains a fringe one. It’s niche.

It’s also social injustice, besides subliminal advocacy regarding patriarchy and a conservative tradition – the very same things they pretend to attack, every time they talk as males to other males -, to dominate – biological or otherwise – who qualifies being a woman and who does not, or to tell how women should be portrayed, what strength etc. means and so on. All these body politics.

And those people are the majority leaders of gaming gone mainstream. Therefore they are the ones who oppress and suppress unwanted content. Content unwanted by them and their public, content they denounce or belittle, but also content they are obviously ashamed of when playing themselves, or seeing others play.

They also hate what they fear. Just look at Lacan and his „Seminar X“.

Characters like Jim Sterling’s are in particular arrogant, aggressive, hateful and cynical. Their strong voices are the postmodern equivalent of media fascism.

Their language, syntax and semantics, logic and emotions are fuelled by intolerance. Their liberal attitudes are nothing more than charade.

They constantly use the hate speech of common sense and abuse everyone who their representation doesn’t bear in mind. The sole purpose of their maturity seems to be to vilify them – by assuming an us of their own: and this is truly the only justice they sadly seem to know.

There is no social justice or goodness in these attitudes. This is absurd.

And what about those supposed-to-be laws mentioned in this video? If such laws exist anywhere in the world, they would – of course – also be discriminating and oppressive. What else?“

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