Replik zu „Xtreme 3“

Auf (Facebook): ‚Therefore, I don’t buy the culturalistic views. Culture is really a bad excuse.
We are told to be ashamed because of our „guilty pleasures“, they are told to be ahamed because of themselves, what their behaviour supposed to be did to their ancestors, or how it is limiting their success (abroad). Whether it’s „us“ or „them“, I guess the problem is a mix of both worlds: our guilt regarding „reality“ and representation, or their shame when they step out of their fantasies – like the mosaics, as small as they are nowadays, blending into genitalia.

When CNN caught up on the so-called Japanese „rape simulators“, they immediately – at least sort of – started to regulate them (even) more strictly, although back then, their PC games were never targeted at international markets. Full nudity in console games is also a total impossibility: they are regularly censoring all western releases regarding this matter. Yet games like „Onechanbara“ are already considered to be „pornography“ in Germany

„Or maybe they’re just too butthurt over the nude mods that the west has made on their daughters of pure creation.“ Lol, I’m quite certain they’ll never release another „Dead or Alive“ game on Steam.
It’s a little bit like when Ken Levine found out what they did to Elizabeth on deviantART. Itagaki’s response to this third installment of once again his own franchise, tends to a similiar attitude.
Either way, the current situation remains a shame. I prefer an enlightened society which is aware of all of these things: the reality, but also the fantasy.‘

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