Not in the same room. Replik auf Polygon

Auf Facebook. Zu Aggressionen im Februar: ‚You even declared „leaving the room“ if you get confronted with sexually affected people in this matter, by comparing this sexuality of others to relationships with dogs (!) and so forth. This is just another example of how Polygon and its audience not only belittles, but thanks and applauds plain hate speech.
Yet no racism is „acceptable“. Ever.

There is no violence whatsoever at present in those scenes. Just sexuality.
Instead, as a handicapped person I’m „triggered“ by your most offensive and discriminating reaction, ignominious behaviour. It degrades and humiliates me.

Others even made ridiculous statements regarding content in general, which can easily be said about anything in any game: why does „Doom“ need the depiction of blood, for example? Or other depictions of violence. Just for „commercial“ reasons?
Social relationships were always at the core of the Fire Emblem experience, so this sexual innuendo I actually do consider just as another step in that direction, the right direction!
This „skinship“ really is just another part of the romantically involved relationships, „Fire Emblem“ always depicted. While those vile body politics at present here only speak for themselves, for nearly over three months.‘

Über pyri

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