Wieder zu Körper, und „weiche“ Inhalte…

Comment: ‚Already Sarkeesian seemed to like the f-word a lot. Those very self-impressed people seem to think they’re „cool“ or something, when using it.

As a Roman Catholic, handicapped person and scholar of the world’s cultural and ideological history, I think it’s offending and ridiculous at the same time when perfectly normal and healthy people are talking about body politics. For me, this is plain hate-speech and not „social science“, or good journalism.

Let’s call them out: what should be wrong with sexual expression, or „pornography“, to begin with? Yes, some games may be first and foremost „soft porn“. And yes, sexual expression can be harmful to children.

It can deliver wrong models regarding attractive bodies and acceptable behaviour. Yet exactly therefore those experessions are fantasies (!), too.

At least more often than not, they’re not real. And sometimes, the best of them, they are no fiction and real (!). And then there are true personality stories – that’s the wonderful thing about sexuality.

Sexual expression should not necessarily deal with things that are 100% „right“ (!). Therefore sexual expression should also not be treated as „representative“, or being considered „ideal“ from an identity politics standpoint.

Yet sexual expression can actally offer possibilities and insights – even to handicapped people like myself. It can include the excluded.

Therefore I think those people to their work regarding the reduction of sexual expression because they want to force their interests in content and way of living, aesthetics, life styles and social norms upon others – even thoughts what „to live“ actually means. For them…

They like to stay inside their perfect social circles, with their „progressive“ familie values and so forth. Just like tradtional anti-pornography conservatives, so-called Christians or whatever. And no one should dare to touch them, or even reach them, inside: this is what I call political violence.

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