Kurzer Einblick in die PR-Gedankenwelt eines der beiden großen US-Comicverlage

DC und Videospiele. Zu vormals öffentlichem Instagram-Profil eines Grafikers: ‚Talking about something foreboding: especially Poison Ivy’s aesthetics are quite obvious. As a female depiction, you have to be somehow „poisonous“ and considered to be a „femme fatale“ to get through with feminine designs these days.

The choice ist theirs – supposed to be even more so when the artist in question is „male“. And the imagery suggests it’s impossible to be a „strong“ heroine and a likeable everyday character /w such attributes.

Nowadays, half-self-censorship like this may be on a day to day basis during production of most mainstream titles. It’s the new idealism.

Half-self-censorship because the suits above may still provide you with a feeling that you’re in control about THEIR decisions AND do something „good“ for the world, when you’re actually not and are doing quite the opposite of good (or freedom) – with no real benefits whatsoever for no one in particular: just setting up liberal bigotry and double standards as personal perks. Cause people may uphold those stances against „male“ fantasies or „objectification“ of anthropomorphic characters as „normality“ in public, but hardly ever will in private. It’s a mixture of sexism (against your own sexuality in vain of protecting the youth – on the one hand protecting female identity, when on the other women need no protection at all), classism and (capable) body politics.

Sexuality is fine, as long as it remains representative OR gets presented in a trashy and then somehow „evil context“. „God“ (and the „liberal“ left) forbid desire.‘

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