Zur (meist miserablen, technischen) Qualität von PC-Spielen

Kommentar: ‚First and foremost, „Slain“ was undoubtedly re-released with consoles in mind. It’s happening to many titles and therefore it’s a very bad example: lesser chance of getting second-hand keys, if hardly any, and far less piracy.

If developers get the chance, they use it. Yet most games discussed in this group would not have any chance on passing quality assurance for consoles, inspite the fact that standards are pretty low there too – looking at games like „Life of Black Tiger“ and certain „Community“ efforts from Microsoft (connecting Xbox with Windows 10).

A few years ago, I would still say that 99% of commercially available PC games are utterly terrible. Now, thanks to Valve, the broadening of the market and explosion of games actually getting released for money, I wholesome feel 99,99% are now complete garbage – not necessarily contentwise, but from a technical standpoint alone.
I have many games on my account which are virtually unplayable. Many games in which the controls are impossible to handle, or any gameplay concept in particular – in some nothing’s working at all. Yes you can refund them – I started refunding just recently, but I only refund those which have so little or iterative content it was not otherwise made clear.
For the rest: they may have other treats, having bought them knowing how bad they actually are. So I still don’t regret buying them. And some are so bad and yet so experimental – they are actually artistic masterpieces, like „Uriel’s Chasm“ for example. Nevertheless the amount of games is hurting the medium a lot, I think. And Valve really should consider switching to a more curated model like GOG.com.
Cause Valve, like Google on the unified Play Store long before it (maybe in response to getting more content on the mobile front than Apple), really seems to have no quality standards at all (anymore). Maybe in spite of the fact that they would not let obvious racist or pornographic content getting released on Steam, but – sadly enough – that’s just all.
It’s not a question of Indie or AAA, but a question of political and technical responsibility the platform holders have.‘

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