Zur „Realität“ des neuen „Star Wars“-Films

Kommentar: ‚As a feminist, I disagree: in the old movies, women were just „the exception“. Now, men are an exception.
In the old days, you were supposed to be surprised about things women could do. Now it’s the men’s turn: like when men can overcome their „shoot first, ask later“ attitude, their role-model behaviour.
Yes, especially when it comes to terms of gender, supposed to be „liberal“ media creators nowadays do have a big problem regarding their notions of power and strength, but that’s not necessarily the problem here.

Young Leia was not a hero like Luke, but – as heroine (!) – „the princess“, a sister, a male love-interest and at least part-time „objectified“, according to the now dominant sexual politics around the debunct concept of male gaze. Even Natalie Portman’s character was in the end not even a politician anymore, but reduced to being a mother.
Yet „The Last Jedi“ is not the worst Star Wars movie because all of that, it therefore succeeded quite a bit, but because this time, they tried something different all along: to deconstruct the myth.
Therefore „The Last Jedi“ is much more of a „Star Wars“ parody than „Star Wars“ itself. And that’s really a shame: they neglect the fiction, in order to talk directly about the audience’s lives. They probably think that suits postmodern times best – but they are wrong: yes, there is some very successful self-aware media out there, but that’s not what made „Game of Thrones“ or „The Walking Dead“ so successful on televison, for example.

Laura Dern’s character is quite similiar to the one she recently played in „Twin Peaks“, which also was a show about not-fiction. And „Star Trek – Discovery“ is, in the end, a very similar experience.
And to understand all of that, you maybe have to look at the cameo of Yoda in „The Last Jedi“: in the few minutes he’s in, he’s constantly ridiculing eyerything. That’s what’s so sad about „The Last Jedi“: with all its twists and turns being not necessarily a bad film, but insulting the traditions it is based on. And if you take away all the fantasy, nothing will remain: people will just return to their smartphones and social media, and sooner or later they will forget this superhero fast food. That’s not what made „Star Wars“ great, but that’s exactly what Disney is doing with „Star Wars“ (too), and they think it’s „progressive“.‘ Nachlese „Star Trek“.

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