Vor (großangelegter) Sex-Purge auf Steam

Dunkle Wolken ziehen auf, doch es besteht (noch) Hoffnung. Kommentare auf Steam (in der Community, auszugsweise): ‚I guess there’s something hidden in the code, similar to „Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas“ back in its day. According to ESRB.
In some cases you had to download additional assets, in others just unlock any pornographic content. Every „uncensoring“ patch differs quite a bit. Probably it’s the „unlocking“ they are after, similar to Germany`s USK before 2003.
And maybe it has something to do with the arrival of Illusion on Steam back in April: for their sole title, they didn’t advertise its patch though. Instead, they launched a whole website for it… Pornographic content which in itself relies on Japanese standards.
I’m puzzled: „HuniePop“ was curated by both Humble and GOG.com , and because of its rather good writing (similar to „Sprung“ on Nintendo DS, written by a woman) it even was not considered to be sexist very often.


„The Witcher 3“, „GTA V“ and so on are all approved by the ESRB. Valve may want to sell more store credits with companies like Walmart, therefore there may be hard times ahead for Japanese niche titles (or excellent Russian trash for that matter). Being able to release such titles was one step too much forward. They got suspicious of Steam’s capabilities…

(…) considering PayPal is working fine with Epoch for several years now: the focus of a game is still not necessarily important by any youth protection standards (upholding today’s moral standards), it’s the depictions that are front and center in the regulator’s views (and the public’s eyes). Although some titles like „Desire“ could incorporate content that would otherwise be easily considered pornographic, even in correspondance to psychosexual reflections on childhood, AND Valve had to remove „Hatred“ too – according to regulator’s policies, if really the ESRB has still something to do with Valve’s latest moves.


In the „Kindred Spirits on the Roof“ forums they say the only major title not affected is the very explicit „Ladykiller in a Bind“. I was not surprised to read that, because that game does not depict female characters in its marketing effort very prominently („Kindred Spirits on the Roof“ is also not exploitative, MangaGamer alone today posted a very well-argued text). So the whole affair may be based on prejudice about what*s supposed to be v#oyeuristic heteronormativity: they identify certain games as being male power fantasies, thinking of lesbian content as being heterosexual and misogynistic.
Therefore there are already some people who accuse Valve of targeting queer content with this, and there may be a backlash regarding homophobia. Sadly enough, but in many ways these days, the best way to defend pornography is referring to gay pornography.‘

Genau(er)es weiß man (noch) nicht. Dafür großartig, der

Artikel. Und wenn der Typ von HuniePot auf Twitter solchen Sch*** etc. erzählt, den ich hier nicht einmal bereit bin zu zitieren, braucht sich leider (auch) niemand wundern wenn VICE und Co. die Steilvorlage annehmen: wer nicht in der Lage ist sexuellen Ausdruck angemessen zu vertreten, sollte besser gar keinen mehr verbreiten.

Update 19. Mai: ‚(…)

HuniePot is the developer, the game is called HuniePop. Even „fiscal conservatives“ for example, did not consider the old American Playboy magazine (with nudity in it) to be pornography.
Any R-rated Hollywood movie is not considered pornography. Likewise, the anti-porn group was also not specifically attacking pornography, but exploitation (!).
The same goes to literature, dating back to the likes of Henry Miller.

AND Steam already purged all pornographic content on its platform, the likes of „Valortha“ and so on. They did it again in certain community markets, like the one for „Haydee“.
They therefore even banned a certain company, as a whole, or creative individuals for that matter.


Then, again, even the uncensored version of the only Illusion game on Steam, which is not advertised here (at least not by its developer), is not uncensored in the western sense of pornography: there, the penis is a brick that squirts a white sauce, the vagina is censored to the point where it looks more like a sugar melon. Unlike a supposed to be child-friendly psychological game like „Desire“, where a giant vagina is actually depicted.
So please, please don’t talk about „pornography“ before even thinking about it: even though sexuality is not protected by the first amendment that much, it’s still nothing short of calling all „violent“ games „murder simulators“. The same goes to Valve: dear Gabe Newell, explain the new rules! If there are even new ones. Otherwise, this looks more like a publicity stunt, pulled off by the „porn“ developers even, and Valve’s mails can not be taken seriously anymore.
Of course, Valve can still basically do whatever they want: that’s the problem, when a whole industry is delivering itself to a company in Seattle, which is not even public. So it remains on the people in charge: how opportunistic are Newell & Co. How responsible are they, regarding libertarian values, and how committed to principles like free-speech. Are they really intimated? When they are now going down the road of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, and want to commit themselves to the ESRB, they should communicate that! Yet also ban „Hatred“.‘

Und wieder was (dazu)gelernt: was im „Kindergarten Cop“ (1990) möglich ist, ist in der Steam-„Community“ 2018 noch längst nicht der Fall. Man darf nicht „Penis“ sagen. Und man darf nicht „Vagina“ sagen – Anatomiebeschreibungen werden so schon schwierig.

Kein Wunder dass so selbst mir der Antiamerikanismus immer sympathischer wird…

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