Kommentar zu „Agony“ (2018)

Comment: ‚Your game is certainly unique. There are no jump-scares I know of, and it’s not relying on cheap tricks with shadows. Therefore it’s certainly not a typical „horror“ game: the game’s alluring portrayal of female characters is well-rooted in sexual morals and therefore justified. Its depictions of bodies brings nothing new to the table, but may be considered as a modern take on Dante.
Aesthetically, I see no resemblance to real beings. It feels more like an overview of imaginations regarding this cultural „place“ called „hell“ – a journey that’s taking place just „there“, despite all of its „explicit“ content in an abstract way even.
The concepts of giving birth and devouring „living“ things rely on the center of it all. In „death“.

It’s cohesive but maybe a little bit boring even, unique but not an „original“ idea – regarding Bosch, Goya, Blake and so on. Yet very well done.
Similar to „traditional“ indie horror titles, like „Outlast 2“, and looking a lot like „Doom“ (2016). Yet also feeling quite like „The Void“ from Ice-Pick Lodge. Congratulations!
I never understood why people think hell should also be portrayed in a „tasteful“ way. That’s ridiculous.‘

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