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Comment: ‚Beg your pardon, but Patrick Stewart is 78 years old (!). And when this new show will air, he may very well be over 80.
Therefore you won’t get a revival of any kind. What you will see, is some kind of elder statesman – or displaced person in a universe similar to the ones we already saw in „Discovery“, or what Leonard Nimoy provided in 2009.
Because what „Discovery“ needed was a connection to the old shows and movies, and that’s what Stewart will and should provide with this „new“ show. Nothing more, nothing less: he’ll be the missing link – connecting the past with the present, and a possible future for the franchise. That’s just fine.
Ok, CBS wants a piece of the non-linear media cake too – like Warner and Disney with their respective licenses -, but that’s not all. To keep an already established franchise alive and well in the age of social media, it needs more than nurturing its old fans.
Producing a second season of „Discovery“ featuring Tig Notaro leads the way: the era from the sixties through nineties is long gone. Thankfully.
Old trek is gone. New trek (Abrams, „Disovery“ and so forth) is funnier and more difficult. It’s also more honest and much more multi-layered. Yet first and foremost one thing: colorful with its aesthetics, but grey in narrative tone.
In the end, it’s far from being as optimistic as even Berman’s trek was – and very far away from the naiveté Roddenberry, Gene, once envisioned. His son only holding the torch.‘

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