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„Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator“: ‚Although much cheaper than on Nutaku, I cannot recommend this release.

There are three modes, all based at the same location on board of some kind of space station: a dance mode with several dances, your basic Sex simulation with quite a few options, and the „game“ mode where you can unlock some sex toys. That’s it. The Schwarzenegger impersonator from the trailer, who seems to be the same like the one in „Gas Guzzlers Extreme“, is not part of the game.
I could not get to work the VR controls right while sitting with Oculus Touch. The configuration is strange to say the least: needed over half an hour to just figure out that I have to „touch“ the Touch, not press any button – in order to move around properly.
You cannot change view by pressing any button, and have to move your head. It’s meant to be played standing. Yet touching doesn’t really work either way in VR mode.

In order to start at all, Monitor mode needs your typical workaround while using Oculus. Or a different system to begin with.
Its major downside is its third-person view. Not great.

Kudos to the devs for being so honest to release this title in just the ususal censored way, to avoid getting blocked by Valve in several countries. Yet the censorship provided may actually still not be enough for some countries like Germany.
The censorship may be Japanese in style, but the game is clearly not: in its uncensored form genitalia is shown, but not modelled very well. It’s worth mentioning that this title is LGBTQ friendly and relatively kind. It should not be considered offensive in any way.
Technically, it’s clearly above average. The provided Japanese voice-work featuring an English female is pretty decent. There are also some configuration options – just not enough.

So, there may be some room for improvements left, but in its current state its controls are quite a mess. Its content is limited, true variety of the two models provided non-existent, and artistic merits hardly present at all. Therefore I refunded it.‘

(Valve könnte die Erwähnung eines anderen Shops, wie eingangs in obigem Text, nicht erlauben. Da habe ich leider keine Erfahrung mit)

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