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… diesmal zum Thema, ähem, „Rassenwechsel“. Manchmal stößt selbst die sonst so sehr auf Unterscheidungen bedachte deutsche Sprache an ihre Grenzen…

Comment: ‚The paper is offensive because every blackface could then be considered „transblack“. Or like Michael Jackson was in his days often considered to be „transwhite“. He was clearly not, while Rachel Dolezal was considered to abuse representation.
Gender is not the same as „race“. There is room for gender bender in society, but there is certainly no safe space for something like „race bender“.
By cross-dressing alone you are not ridiculing male or female biology. And as trans, by taking hormones or even undergoing surgery, certainly not. No way!
You cannot do all of that with „race“. „Race“ is nothing anyone can switch easily.
As a handicapped person I can say „race“ is considered much more like a handicap: anyone pretending to be deaf or hard of hearing who is clearly not, or using a wheelchair when you actually don’t need one. It’s like mocking up other people’s conditions, not identities.
„Racialism“ in itself is considered to be racist most of the time these days – even though, behind all victimizations, it’s not talked about much. People may explore and perform these conditions freely in a few thousand years, when mankind’s racist past is long gone, but certainly not in our lifetime.‘

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