Wo sind die MarxistInnen?


Update 26. April. Comment: ‚You really should have included what is said about Foucault and others during this so-called debate. There’s actually a lot of common ground between the two, and Peterson’s reply to Zizek’s question was much better than I ever would have thought it would be.
And this in itself has a lot to do with Cold War history like the Prague Spring period which alienated the political left in Europe from the concept of class-struggle, during the second half of the 20th century that is: people like Foucault in the end didn’t even rely on certain groups, rather than themselves – as some sort of elaborate egoism (like in „The Care of the Self“) which easily can further be seen as male chauvinism, foreshadowing the moralistic stances of today’s political correctness (trading-in capital for other values, like charity or family „quality time“). The problem is much more complex, and it is simply not true that today’s political right is also obsessed with their own identity politics.
It is clearly not. On the contrary: by denying the existence of male privilege outside of the concept of „equality of opportunity“, like Peterson does, sexism and racism are much more neglected. The Tea Party movement for example was on the one hand all racist, but on the other hand nothing about racism. And Trump’s campaign was full of bizarre sprinkles with „blacks for Trump“ and „women for Trump“ slogans.
They simply don’t talk about their audience, or themselves for that matter, outside their own victimhood as victims of supposed to be evil „leftits“. And otherwise they play the same game.
That’s exactly the danger: when in Italy Salvini tweets how non-racist he actually would be, or in my home country Austria the chancellor can utter disdain for „creepy“ right-wing identity politics, and still be very capable of establishing his own anti-immigrant policies – for the sake of „security“ and, again, „prosperity“. All building on the „fortress“ of Europe, while distancing themselves from any „real“ white identity groups.
They already did it in Hungary with the Magyar Gárda, and they did it recently again here in Austria with a far-right extremist group and imported ideas from France. Even in France itself Le Pen desperately tried to distance herself from her father who still was an old-fashioned white supremacist. Therein lies the danger of bigotry today.‘

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