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Und der „üblichen“ Verfolgung „gewöhnlicher“ Sexualität. Bei Rob Cram: ‚Wow! This looks very much like my absolute favorite VR endeavor, „VR Girlz“.
Not as good but still quite close. Which was a British production but suddenly stopped development mid 2017. Just when I got my first Oculus.

They managed to release quite a few singular paid models through their website though. And one of their last releases even included video demonstrations – by far the most impressive software I’ve so far seen in VR.
Their last tweet said something about the new British government regulation meaning to register for adult content. They said it would force them out of business.
Not quite reasonable in my book – but still, to me, they seemed gone since then, which was actually two years ago. Maybe in the meantime, they started working on this project instead?

I think it’s very difficult to find pearls like these. Most of the efforts are total rubbish in my opinion, and everything gets hated or ridiculed the same when it’s anywhere near seen as sexual expression by the public.
Talking about bad karma: they (SIEE/SIEA, Oculus et alia) only allow juvenile consternations like „Focus on You“. An actual Korean rip-off of „Summer Lesson“ without its soul.
Anyways… Thanks again Rob Cram, for pointing me once more in the right direction. This may very well be my very first Patreon support.‘

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