Wieder Lizenzkarussell bei Disney…

Auch ganz ohne (Video-)Vault. Dieses Mal ist das 1:1 „DuckTales“-Spiel von 2013 betroffen. Comment (Steam, nicht-öffentlich): ‚The by far strangest case in the world of video games up to this point was „Deadpool“ (2013). Pulled soon after its initial release (2014), then re-released for several platforms (the PC/Steam being one of them) supposedly as a remaster but this was not the case at all (2015), and pulled again (2017). In the end, also a Disney property. Therefore regarding „Castle of Illusion“, the original game – not the remake, it seems rather miraculous SEGA/Atlus could manage to license it for their upcoming Genesis/Mega Drive Mini. Even together with „World of Illusion“ which was never re-released on any platform. In 2013, I was lucky enough to get „Castle of Illusion“ as part of a pre-order plan on PS3. Until fall, when the Genesis Mini will hopefully finally arrive (it was delayed recently, at least in Germany) this was the only time you could legally obtain this classic again. Yet I’m still hoping Disney will at some point produce some sort of sequel to its „Afternoon Collection“ which was very much appreciated by myself. Because the „Afternoon Collection“ in existence today does at least include the original „DuckTales“ game, amongst others. The problem with all of these titles may date back to how Disney handled licensing throughout the lifetime of its „Interactive Studios“ until the middle of this decade (closed in 2016). Around that time Disney started releasing a lot of its titles on their own – also here on Steam, for example an excellent Wii port of „Alice in Wonderland“ (2010) in 2014, and none of those were ever pulled (again).‘

Der Mega Drive Mini kann übrigens immer noch vorbestellt werden, im Unterschied zur Switch Mini, (unbezahlte Werbung).

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