Comment: ‚I remember about ten years ago someone from „the other side“, maybe his association even, thinking „Stigma Videospiele“ is actually producing games. As a company.
As a pastime for adults, games are still not necessarily comprehensible to many.

Lately I was asked at work what I’m actually „doing“ with my games. The person thought I’m having some kind of business trading them.
Games, or even movies for that matter (at least here in Austria), are still not considered to be media like books, magazines and music. The concept of a library of games (or movies) to turn back to, still seems rather foreign and strange to a lot of people.
Video and computer games are viewed as being just like toys for children, movies were watched in the cinema and later at home just rented (or seen on linear TV).
The case of digital mobile and browser games further enhanced a very superficial view regarding their purpose in life – as entertainment far away from being education or expression.

The advent of streaming (like now Google Stadia) may fuel those perceptions even further. Then games are really rather „consumed“ than someone can really get a hold on them. The „dangerousness“ of games being played (which means the addiction), and the question what cruelty comes after or besides said „violent“ content (like hate-crimes ranging from online discrimination to murdering real people on the streets) may still not get fully explored in the public eye. Therefore the public’s conclusion of games may still hang in the balance: the industry’s focus, and „progressive“ gaming journalism’s ambition, about „video games for everybody“ therefore may be largely at fault so to speak – between games as gambling and games as paragons for „reactionary“ terrorism.
And that’s why the likes of Rudolf Weiß may have always thought gamers are deceived by the industry, and are actually working for those evil-doers – or somehow get paid by them. The concepts of being „ill“, gamers as people who have gotten victims of a hideous industry, or gamers as sick perpetrators themselves who – according to Weiß – deserve* their „Verachtung“ (mépris), lie closely side by side.‘

* Auszug 2010

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