Zum neuen „The Dark Crystal“-Videospiel

Release am 4. Februar (auf allen aktuellen Konsolen, PC und Mac). Replik: ‚When first viewing the Switch trailer I thought this doesn’t look cheap at all. They certainly went for a stop motion aesthetic here: it’s not „The Neverhood“, but still a nice imitation I think.
Then, after other videos were released, I even thought the Switch (in handheld mode) may be too small of a device for this title and decided to go for PC. Yet you’re right, the game is clearly tailored towards Switch, or even a future (other) mobile release.
Still, because of the low tech working under the hood here, I hope therefore it may run on my MacBook Air too, which has great sound, and cheaper convertibles even: those type of games are best played with a touchscreen at hand.
Because of their bad reputation, licensed titles of today are often an afterthought: they more often than not only went into reasonalbe production when the demand was high enough and the intellectual property popular (again). Watching the series and playing a companion piece like this at nearly the same time is rather seldom these days, therefore I certainly would support it.‘


Update 4. Feber: ‚There’s nothing on Mac. It’s just like a Windows only release.
You can „install“ it but nothing gets downloaded (the usual „missing executable“ error). I’m suspicious about Steam Play because there’s also an Apple App Store release… Yet „Stranger Things 3“ may be fine (which is not on the App Store). At least Aspyr seems to be not involved (a company that prohibited some of their many ports https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_ported_by_Aspyr#List_of_games_ported_to_the_Macintosh_platform here in the past, and recently dropped all 32bit content support). Don’t know about Mac on GOG.‘

8. Feber: die Mac-Version ist jetzt (auch) auf Steam wirklich erhältlich, ohne dass darüber gesondert informiert werden würde…

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