Zur Untragbarkeit von Videospielen

Comment: ‚Very interesting. I somehow always waited for a statement like this.
Unfortunately my French is not good enough to understand all of it, and there are no similar careers in Germany, Austria or the English speaking world I know of. Update: ok, cudos to my French teacher – I understand nearly all of it and I’m actually very surprised about that fact. Is this some sort of „simple“ French I don’t know of, lol –
From Bayerischer Rundfunk to ZEIT Online, all mainstream media of today may have people who work for them and are able to write about video games (too), but they always do this with a certain agenda and attitude regarding the medium they write in, or their personal political point of views, not those of games or gamers of yesteryear.
Yet there are several key figures to whom maybe games (or writing about them) have become just uninteresting, at least to those individuals. Regarding The New York Times, Lev Grossman comes to mind. Grossman is one of my journalistic heroes of yore: around 2008, when GTA IV was released, he helped to elevate the medium to the public consciousness. Afterwards, he had a very successful career as an author (The Magicians). In Austria, I always wondered why Alois Pumhösel stopped writing about games. Regarding the liberal left Viennese newspaper Der Standard, Zsolt Wilhelm also doesn’t seem to write a lot lately, in particular not about games anymore. He now seems to cover the whole „tech“ branch instead. In Germany, Christian Stöcker (once „Der Spiegel“) rather seems to enjoy playing with pen & paper, when he’s not lecturing about communications that is.
As far as I know they remained silent about their particular reasons: time may be a factor, there was one article by Wilhelm also featured here, but they also won’t write about smaller titles. I don’t know much about French games journalism, but in English and German there is no opposition to today’s games content, or how they’re produced today, and the messages games marketing is delivering these days: there’s only one big right-wing, „angry“ gaming site on the planet, the one with an artwork from „Mad Max“ (2015) in the background which is reactionary regarding the aesthetics and narratives of old, wanting to hold on them with often foul language and no reason whatsoever. Working as a factory of trolls (Trollfabrik). Effectfully.
There’s also no sense whatsoever to „defend“ the medium as a whole at the present. The medium has reached out and delivered a division among itself. I have a vast collection of German Gaming magazine articles: most of them are just impossible nowadays, because of their supposed sexism or use of stereotypes and politically incorrect humor. Especially advertisements of the 1990s and early 2000s. I’m always shocked and terrified when looking them through these days, about how „cleansed“, sterile and sanitized the world has become since then.
There’s one German-speaking guy on Twitter alone I discovered recently who dares to work on games as a right-winger: over this decade, all over the western world, there’s a lot of opposition against the „toxic“ environment „GamerGate“ is accused of having established on the internet. Yet for the most part these opposition is considered „daring“, in spite of actually being the „common sense“ that won. Now, there are „good“ gamers – and „bad“ gamers: they only want to support „progressive“ games and gamers, and not „regressive“ ones associated with hatred, racism and misogyny.‘

Artikel (ein „langer“ Tweet, in Französisch).

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