Zu (den Unterschieden von) „Bright Memory“…

Comment: ‚It’s not made clear that this is a „demo“ in the first place… Absolutely ridiculous.
It says „early access owners“ and in „early access“ it certainly is no more. You have to dig deeper to find other sentences like „all Bright Memory owners“, and have to rely on that.
I’m a huge fan of GOG, but I even doubt it got the RTX patch for example. According to this silent thread https://www.gog.com/forum/bright_memory/rtx_ray_tracing_patch_soon_on_gog Communication is really bad there.
Some big DLC packages, like the one for „Not Tonight“ for example, were released at a much later date on GOG, and when „Descent – Underground“ was removed, it was not only removed from the store but also from my library. I’ve never heard something like that to occur on Steam.

In general, product delivery is (still) quite different on GOG: unlike Steam, I guess there’s no mechanism to automatically add products at a later date due to technical restraints. In my experience they’re only giving out lengthy 100% discount codes, but you have to buy a product yourself (again). To me this seems like a downside to GOG’s „DRM free“ nature.‘

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