Zum heutigen (Re-)Release von „Resident Evil 3“ (1999-2000/2020)

Comment: ‚When the original „Resident Evil 3“ came out, I was in a time of transition: from a PC gamer to a console aficionado. Yet I remember back then, everyone was at least anticipating „Code Veronica“. Not particularly fond of playing „Resident Evil 3“.

Back in 1999, „Resident Evil 3“ was already an afterthought to the original PlayStation generation. And even 21 years later Capcom may very well be aware of that: as impressive the engine and the visuals are, the set design and the production values are overall quite low and repetitive. It’s in many ways a less complex extension of part 2, exaggerated by new „decision“ elements. Describing it being more „action“ than „horror“ doesn’t give it justice: at heart, „Resident Evil 3“ is no different than „Resident Evil 2“. It’s just more linear and straight-forward, and „less puzzles“ means it’s also not as detailed and fleshed-out.
In 2020, everyone should really know when buying „Resident Evil 3“, they’re also buying „Resistance“. Like it or not, but „Resistance“ is there for a reason.‘

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