„Poker Show VR“-Rezension auf Steam

Empfehlung nicht veröffentlicht: ‚Over three years after I’ve refunded this game, I will purchase it again soon. In spite of all the tradition of this genre on the PC, this is still the only real strip poker game on Steam. No „adults only“ zone is actually helping here: with new FMV regulations in place, and virtually (no pun intended) no chance of getting more explicit content, this may very well stay that way.
The continued release of atrocities like the recent „Sex Poker“ paving the way to the garbage dump… The Hungarian company that produced this has a catchy Japanese name and a splashing website, but there’s no information given where they came from or if they’re still in (the VR) business.
In fact just three email addresses and no other information at all. I know they’re not the only ones who initially did amazing things with VR but had to leave development soon behind.

My verdict from 2017 meanwhile stays the same: the aesthetics are certainly above average, as are the production values. Although blurry, its technique of handling the action providing the foundation for a perfect game of chance: „VR Paradise“ or the one scene in „Heavy Rain“ show that it’s very difficult to animate the act of removing clothes outside of FMV, and one of the three models presented here (Britanny) is actually really great too, but there’s just not enough content to qualify this as a recommendation under regular circumstances.
Yet since then they drastically reduced the asking price, and therefore no one should really complain (or be ashamed of) having this in their library.‘ Thread im Forum aufgemacht.

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