Comment: ‚Good speech but again, it’s unlikely anyone could have done considerably better – at least up to the point of a certain number of deaths, and a certain number of unemployed people. No government, with just a few exceptions, has achieved just that: this is a global crisis we haven’t seen before. Potentially everyone may be affected, and no economy protected.

Obama is smart. He knows that.
So it’s dishonest and irresponsible to say otherwise: Biden is not a good candidate. He’s a fix solution.
They may think he can be attached as a conservative, for the votes of „true conservatives“ as the New York Times calls those potential voters. Yet this is dishonest too: the Democratic Party just couldn’t come up with a better candidate because they’re deeply divided themselves. Mostly in identity politics and all kind of representation problems.

Free speech is mostly their enemy now. Free expression too.

It’s all about careful words and sentiments now. To not hurt someone’s feelings.
Yet these are very difficult times for most people. Especially in the US, where it’s also difficult to say how change or reform would actually erupt – how far reforms like health care and such should actually go. Democratic socialism like it was here in Europa for decades after WW2 may just not be an option, not be the right solution for America.

And Trump? He’s the guy who opposes all of that.

The Clintons may have attended his (last) wedding fifteen years ago, yes he has made all this dubious money by creating his name and his name only into a kind of product. He’s famous and fortunate himself – and therefore may be considered part of „the elite“ too – but that’s not how populism works: everything I read and heard about him – all real thoughtful people came up with – suggests he really never was a part of them because they never liked him.

He always was an outsider, and that’s why he got elected: because the people who voted for Trump don’t feel they’re heard and represented anymore, that’s why he’s one of those people – and not always the same ones come out on top. That’s why he got elected in the first place, and that’s actually the good thing about living in a democracy.
In the end a democracy also means you can not decide who may be fit for office, when someone gets elected. Every age is producing certain characters, and Trump is exactly that: a society is not necessarily shaped by its best and brightest individuals. This is an illusion and totally misleading regarding what democracy should really be about.

You may refer to him as a character out of a TV show, but then he’s exactly that. So what?

In the last five years, no other person stood as much for political change as Bernie Sanders did. Yet what has happened?

When he’s warning now about the continued rise of authoritarianism with Trump still in office, but at the same time knowing exactly that by endorsing Biden it wouldn’t change much of all the things he wanted to change that came before Trump?
The justice system still works. The Trump administration hasn’t undone it, as did his company, his „organization“ for decades before him even becoming your president.

Someone who has no moral authority, who’s not part of any moral majority in any way and who’s not kind or descent enough to get respected even on an average level (maybe also not among most of his own voters) doesn’t play that role in an age that is shaped by social media and large tech companies. He’s furthermore just in opposition to an oligarchy ranging from Apple to Netflix (which Obama himself is even part of). He cannot play that role.
No, Trump is not this abomination, this tremendous threat. This is a monstrous exaggeration.

Yes, he may be a smaller threat to a lot of things – the climate being one of them. His existence may also be hurtful and unfortunate to a lot of people who would really need to have another, a different kind of president.
He may be stupid, ignorant and full of himself but maybe that’s exactly what the majority needs.

The world needs. To proof that democracy doesn’t always put the same people in a position of power. And democracy is also not putting them away.
So he deserves to be your president and you deserve him. For four more years.

Yet it’s very unlikely he gets re-elected. As his initial election was, four years ago.‘

Replique: ‚You’re right, I forgot how difficult the situation was back in 2008. Although I already did consider Obama’s message of „hope“ questionable to begin with, the outcome of his presidency/administration was somewhat disappointing to many people I guess. Yes, Biden will undo certain harm and damage Trump has done, especially regarding climate change I hope. Yet he may also even deepen the divide. His administration certainly enforcing the now established ideas of „social justice“: something like segregation under the banner of political correctness for example, New York University already started with https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/08/24/nyur-a24.html Something like the injection of inherited guilt will always remain very problematic, and heal absolutely nothing. A thoughtless simple narrative, in other words major bulls*** the supposed to be „liberal“ media is telling the public every day.
I like „trash“. And my background is strictly blue-collar.

Living therefore dangerous. A morally powerless con-artist in office, or not.

And in the end, in the age of self-righteousness, when the content of your character is actually judged by the color of your skin, or the concept of your gender (to paraphrase the famous quote by Martin Luther King).‘

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