Neues zur Postmoderne

Comment: ‚I don’t think Foucault and structuralists like Lévi-Strauss were postmodernists because they only incorporated modern ideas into new places (like structuralist language) and locations (like in Foucault’s case an asylum and not a factory). Especially Foucault who, as a very unconventional historian – at the end of his short life-span – even returned to ancient ideas of self-reduction and abstention.The novelty of both should be in jeopardy I would say. And that’s why there’s also the term poststructuralism – as diverse and incomprehensible this term actually may be: as a (former) philosopher for the most part I would say poststructuralism is the same as postmodernism. And this has not necessarily something to do with politics either – neither marxism nor „social justice“. Politically speaking, as a postmodernist you can get pretty right-wing too. You can become an elitist for example, someone who has no empathy whatsoever and is a hedonist in life-style and core values.‘ Nachlese

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