Comment: ‚Very interesting. In the 2000s, I thought Shepard Smith was THE frightening face coming straight out of a movie like „Robocop“ or „Starship Troopers“ – movies about the propaganda of All American Fascism in the Eighties and Nineties, „law & order“ in the near or far future, police and military brutality (both excellently crafted by Paul Verhoeven).

Unfortunately I’m made of this world, today’s violence being all too familiar to me. Now, Tucker Carlson has already left CNN a long time ago and I’m glad that he’s gone.

Likewise, the woman on the left in this programme has become a symbol of bigotry to me.

Her followers representing a certain kind of frightening language of hate and terrifying ideas all of their own, fueling and inciting people with so hateful ideas. Like the one below me, shouting „18 HOURS UNTIL THE TRAILER TRASH IS REMOVED FROM THE WHITE HOUSE“ on January 19, 2021. Unspeakable thoughts effectfully calling 75 million American voters garbage.

That’s the sad way it is.

So Shepard Smith, CNN or CNBC, you’re finally there where you already were in my head to begin with. Be not proud of yourself.‘

Summer Of ’20: Tear gas and explosions as Black Lives Matter protests erupt in Portland – YouTube „Plenty“.

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