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Comment: ‚Discord subsequently somehow lifted the ban. Another good monologue but it would be nice to stop sayings like „managers have bad taste“ without explaining anything about it. The angle of the „journalism“ on the other side may be even worse but you may convince more people (who are still convincible – this race for the mind of the public is still on) without things like that.

You may not understand modern art but such a mentioning is actually hurting the cause. Our cause.

In the end what we are seeing here is a true left taking place and actually trying to work on certain things rhetorical impostors with all of their unsupposed „privilege“, single-minded awakening practices, nepotic corruption of the White House and so on actually do not want. Change the mental enslavement Tiffany Trump was talking about does not want to happen.

Yes, that’s why the smoking gun of identity politics was invented and fabricated. To counter a left that’s working for the people – in small doses at least that is. The exact same people those (the imposters) have so long neglected and abandoned. Not only since 2008 but long before.

Who now voted for Trump in the millions. And rightfully so.

Do these activists have a chance? No, I don’t think so. Do they take it even serious? Not necessarily so. May this interference be already over? Absolutely.

Yet it shows that there’s still some room between CNBC and MSNBC to work with, and this gives me a little bit of hope for the future. A future that’s not already completely lost.‘

The VergeNachlese. Ähnlich die JF gestern: GameStop bei der JF, ganz ohne Mord und Totschlag oder „Postmoderne“, dass ich das noch erleben darf… Zweite Nachlese.

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