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Comment: ‚Judging from the released marketing material alone, there are cleary situations involving voyeurism and intrusion which were not present before. For example a locker room scene.
Or alone the setting represented by the image in the background here: in a gym. Someone checking out another person during exercise.

You may get excluded from certain gyms for just trying to do that now. It’s considered sexual harassment these days.
Generally speaking, the scenarios of the first two titles may all have been more outlandish, too public and not close enough to reality (on the street, in a country club and so on) to actually stir that much attention among censors as they did. This was more a social media thing and Richard being a much hated media personality back then.

Insulted by Piers Morgan on national British television and so on. So, as far as I understand it this actually has to be produced in Minsk, Belarus. This fact alone should speak volumes to everybody. Not just here in Europe.
It’s not like the last Rambo, being shot in Bulgaria. For budget reasons mostly. No, definitely not.
You see, it may even be impossible now to just produce comedy like that in the west. Televised or not. Yet there may still be great hope. I believe it will get a release here next month: to my knowledge the media has so far not reacted at all to this situation, this storm may come next when this title actually has released here (even in its censored state).
And although blurred, the lingerie may therefore actually not be the main problem – but let’s wait and see.‘ Nachlese: 1, 2

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