Mixed-Up Dates

New Comment: ‚MeToo happened in late 2017.
The first game being released in early 2018: the scandal surrounding its release actually being a very good example for the direct effects of this social movement, meaning Sony banning the first „Super Seducer“ from PlayStation and so forth.
The author actually confronted himself with all of the accusations and talked extensively about it as part of „Super Seducer 2“. A lot of the content in this sequel, like the integration of another (female) presenter, can be seen as heavily influenced by all of the criticism. This time around though, everything seems much more exaggerated and on the comedic side of things. Yet the scenarios may be just too „realistic“ for that and Valve certainly doesn’t want another scandal.
While some sexual innuendo still being present in later praised FMV titles like „Telling Lies“. Also the recently released FMV dating game „Five Dates“ by Wales Interactive serves as a good example, which could release everywhere. Yet Wales Interactive once just released a trailer to another project, „Gamer Girl“. The outcry was so tremendous, they immediately canceled the whole project.
It’s a whole other level of trying to silence sexual expression: this has nothing to do with sexual depictions but the representation of women.‘

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