Microsoft, Sony und die (unausgesprochene) „Umweltsünde“ von Videospielen auf Datenträgern

Comment: ‚Yes Rich, but you forget something very crucial here: Microsoft doesn’t want you to buy any singular first-party title anymore. They want you to subscribe to their Game Pass.

What Sony does on the PlayStation Store is basically charge „only“ ten bucks more, then you get both (PS4 & PS5) and some extras on top of it. Here in Europe for example, I have to spend 90 Euros for this edition, 80 for the standard PS5. As downloads I both cannot (re)sell anymore. Or collect them in any meaningful manner – after all, they’re just licenses.

So „digitally“, it’s not that different at all to what they already did with „Ghost of Tsushima“.

The new disadvantage relies on the physical releases: they know „Horizon“ is not „Sackboy“ or „Miles Morales“. In that regard, the sustainability for first-party titles after the launch window may be over. And discs are just not feasible enough – in the current state of the environment.

So it’s both a political and highly manipulative ideological thingy – let’s for once speak it out loud: those market types think you’re a bad person by still receiving, consuming or collecting physical media. And this is just one measure to make that clear (to the public).

Just look at the full-priced „Psychonauts 2“ over at Xbox (and the PC): the (same) message (again) not clearly communicated. With another political factor at hand: the more progressive a game may consider itself to be, the less likely it will be based on these traditions of distribution.

And it just may not be profitable anymore too: this year I already had to import both versions of „Ninja Gaiden“ (PS4 & Switch) because the Asian market, especially Japan, to my understanding is the only one still largely rejecting the idea of downloads (or streaming) only. The west already „got“ that: regarding electronic media it’s „common sense“ these days. Western journalists from time to time may praise endeavors like „Limited Run“. Yet this is just a charade: they perfectly know that the times of physical mainstream media are long gone now. Many PC-only users even do not have disc drives anymore.

More and more, discs and even cartridges are considered pure superficial luxury. Like talking about habits of the Kardashians or something.

This is the „joke“. Unfortunately not much more.

Regarding contemporary publishing, companies like Disney, Amazon and Netflix totally control what people can and should watch. Everything else is not even considered to get picked up by them.

This is the age of curated content where public relationships come first: if content is not appropriate anymore, it won’t become accessible this time around. Same goes to licensing long gone: starting with Virtual Console on the original Wii, there you didn’t see the famous „Batman“ game on the NES for example. Just a few once licensed titles were available, like the major SNES games from LucasArts.

The same goes to the three video game giants Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and their „gated“ communities. In that regard, they may even „curate“ what you think. No „conspiracy theory“: the „Big“ ones are just in control.

They not necessarily mean any harm. They just do not know any better: what hey consider to be „choice“ or „diversity“ meaning more often than not just the opposite of those words. The opposite of what those companies supposedly may endorse. „Consumer-friendly“ or not.‘

Aufgrund technischer Schwierigkeiten bei Google (YouTube) habe ich diesen Kommentar nicht veröffentlicht.

Nachtrag – zur Erklärung dessen was ich hier unter einer falsch verstandenen Vorstellung von „choice“ meine, mit „Psychonauts 2“ wieder als sehr gutem Beispiel: ökonomisch gibt es wohl keinen Grund weshalb das Spiel nicht auf Discs erscheinen ist und die Verträge mögen sicherlich bereits früh abgeschlossen worden sein, aber ich gehe davon aus dass der Firma von Tim Schafer & Co. trotz der Übernahme durch Microsoft immer noch weitreichende Freiheiten zugestanden werden. Das zeigt sich etwa daran, dass – ideologisch erwünscht – umgehend eine DRM-freie Veröffentlichung auf GOG erfolgte. Die Optionen sind deshalb im wahrsten des Wortes „vielfältig“ zu nennen: einen eigenen PS5-Release wird es (analog zu den zukünftigen Titeln von Bethesda, nachdem die dortigen Verträge ausgelaufen sind) zwar nicht mehr geben, aber mit PS4, Xbox und PC (über Xbox, Steam und GOG) stehen „digital“ sämtliche großen Plattformen (Vertriebsformen) bereit – nur halt keine traditionellen physischen mehr.

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