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Comment: ‚I think of Nintendo Online on Switch as an evolving service and up to this point in time Nintendo only included a significant amount of NES and SNES titles there. So with future Switch hardware more Nintendo consoles of yore are likely to arrive as part of this subscription as well.

Not as a central feature of Nintendo Online that is, but rather as an added bonus they chipped in just for their already existing fan base.

How to get new customers (without new hardware) then? Nintendo Online only costs 20 bucks a year. Even with 200 million theoretical mobile subscribers at hand, it’s out of the question to get 1 billion of revenue per month with a mobile subscription featuring old games alone by just using a similar business model on the mobile platforms instead of Switch.

Likewise, all of Nintendo’s mobile efforts („Pokémon Go“ included) were for now tailored towards the mobile platforms alone and didn’t rely on traditional gameplay mechanics at all.

1. Smartphones don’t have buttons. 2. It’s just not a good idea to simulate them on the mobile platforms. 3. You won’t get new users to add Nintendo peripherals to their phones either. 4. Mobile prefers free-to-play options.

Unlike SEGA or Square-Enix ports Nintendo solely accepted all four major issues regarding traditional gaming on mobile platforms (and – after the failure of Google’s Stadia – it would be an actual great idea for Nintendo as a hardware manufacturer to allow xCloud, or even PlayStation Now, on Switch).

With their own efforts, I guess they’re very well aware about the rather difficult circumstance they are in with this matter: they know that as a traditional video game company, traditional content really doesn’t transfer all to well to rather different platforms by just thinking about the existence of an unused screen in everybody’s pockets.‘ Nachlese

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