Wieder Michael Pachter…

Comment: ‚What? Not considering that smartphones don’t have buttons you can play classic Nintendo titles comfortable with is one thing, but telling people movies used to be fourteen years old before they first appeared on broadcast television is a whole other category: I don’t know what he mixed-up here (even months may not work) but „Titanic“ (1997) certainly did not made its first appearance „globally“ in 2011: according to German database OFDb https://ssl.ofdb.de/film/227,Titanic it was on US cable (HBO) at least on April 13, 1999. European pay TV in November the same year and here in Austria on free TV Christmas Day 2000.‘

Update: my comment was removed from SIFTD Games. Another comment which referred to the BBC broadcasting the „Titanic“ movie in 2000 did not. Although I am not only a subscriber to this channel, but also a paying Amazon customer who currently and in the past has subscribed to their endeavors on Twitch. So much about the journalist ethics of Shane Satterfield https://twitter.com/Dinfire and companies Amazon is working with: when Michael Pachter is talking about a very special case like US network television this really should get clarified and not muddled regarding some „global“ coherences. I certainly won’t comment there again: another marked hateful troupe on my imaginary list. Nachlese

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