Über „Wild Life“

Repliken auf Steam: ‚(…) There are just a few names mentioned in the credits, but all German. So in the end, it may be a rather small team that makes this adult version of „Avatar“: aesthetics and gameplay seem to be similar to „Outcast – Second Contact“, a game I love just because of its original design choices from 1999. Only a superficial stealth aspect was thrown into this very familiar mix.
Performance is atrocious by the way: with my 3070 starting from 2700p, I had to reduce resolution to 1200p just to hit 60fps. Never experienced something like that with it before. Yet when entering the village nothing helped anymore: the game is so single-threaded, I got a CPU bottleneck with my Ryzen 5 5600X: temperature went over 85 degrees Celsius in no time.

While the sexuality depicted in this ominous village could not be more mechanistic in nature. So nothing for my tastes either. Without any imagination whatsoever: this is how a SPIEGEL journalist may think a pornographic video game would look like. More than that, controller support is limited (at least in this demo) and camera angles do not work properly during sex scenes. Definitely not for me.‘

Über pyri

PYRI / / (Pyri) / —— pyri. Steiermark/styria
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