Relative Zustände

Humorvoller Kommentar. Beitrag auf Steam: ‚To answer the question by the developer a second time: in my case, yes. Priest Dall left the castle and I experienced the revolution. Because I worked for „the creature“ (the lich) a lot, my corruption is very high.
Also, down with the lich I’m actually unable to finish the life story of the dark maiden servant (the Misalynna quest) because she’s unwilling to tell the story any further. She still appears in the dungeon as a wandering character but her curse is already lifted.
I sided with the throne and avoided the confrontation with Priest Dall because when I tried that route, he just killed me while siding with the revolution also led to no progress at all. So I waited for the throne to act the situation out (probably without my help) but nothing happens with Priest Dall anymore – even after two full weeks! Carpenter told me not to trust the princess but I didn’t trust him either because he constantly killed me in a prior route I chose long before, that’s why I also sided with the court. So I opted to trust the warlord and protect the princess but nothing happens anymore.
The main problem may be that Violet just doesn’t want to talk to me. I think I have to put a spell on her but I have no idea which one to choose. I’ll just stop playing, I guess.

I now played this game for way over ten hours and there’s absolutely no end in sight.
Even in this first entry of the series there are a dozen of bondmaids to choose from but only the first one works. They charge you every time though, even when nothing happens.
For a „pornographic“ title, there’so little sex in it – I’ve seen European art house films with more explicit scenes. And it’s no visual novel either because there’s so little to read. This is instead a complicated resource management simulation!
It may very well be the most complex Ren’Py title ever produced.
There’s a reason why the sequel is in fact a much simpler and straightforward visual novel: in here, at one point you have to cast a costly spell every time you just want to move freely inside the castle.
Here in Austria, there’s a legal term called „relative pornography“: this is as relative as it gets, I guess. Even to the point of non-existence.
I’m gaming for 35 years now – since 1987, seriously since 1995: never ever did I experience something so intriguing and spectacularly failing as this. Russian developers surely are the most creative ones.
The internet being no help at all. All information given here in English only covers the beginning of the game.
I was already tempted to let automatically translate the Russian guides which do exist but I may just stop playing instead. I have to admit it: I give up, won’t blame the game and instead will play the sequel (including its eagerly anticipated DLC) – in a situation where I already won.‘

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