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Comment: ‚Digital Foundry’s fixation on 60fps (and above) slowly turns into a real problem: you just have to compare the end results shown here with those of a maxed-out „World“ (2018) still using MT Framework, an engine from 2007 (Lost Planet) with development starting in 2004 (Onimusha 3).

RE Engine being by far my favorite engine there’s no sugar coating it, this „adaptation“ is lazy to say the least – a standard port at best. For the full price!

It’s now clear why there are no simultaneous re-releases on the rest of the consoles. Maybe they are developing a new version for current-gen but nothing like this.

The side-by-side comparison speaks volumes – even on a larger screen. The commentary doesn’t fit in: it feels dishonest. DF producing more and more content for its Patreon crowd is one thing, reasonable journalism another: although using some kind of a proprietary API (I’m no technician, what I mean is dealing without something like Android in-between – as demonstrated with RE5 on Shield TV compared to the Switch port there), Switch is still basically mobile hardware! Sure it runs fine on a PC – even on entry-level gamer PCs – and this port has some basic options thrown in but when you heavily criticized the port of the FFVII remake for just what it was I really see no reason not to criticize this even more because there are some customization options in the settings menu which may please yourself or your framerate-focused audience. Yes, it’s great that it’s there – for PC gamers to play it – but that’s it: otherwise this is very disappointing from Capcom, my favorite company – if you have access to Switch hardware and won’t necessarily rely on 60fps output.

I had this on the top of my Steam wishlist for a very long time but will now surely buy the original Switch version instead.

To put it bluntly: this was just not worth the wait.‘

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