Zu Nintendo

Comment (on „Modern Vintage Gamer“): ‚I really do think this has a lot to do with the actual payment process: to clarify some things, Sony in the long term did not reverse their decision to shut down the ability to pay with credit cards on their „legacy“ systems so to speak. You now are actually unable to pay for things directly on PS3 for example, you have to add funds beforehand. The main problem here is that eShops on both 3DS and Wii U were different from Switch and you are otherwise unable to add any funds to both of their „legacy“ consoles: 3DS and Wii U shared an infrastructure that is totally different from Switch. Let’s hope Nintendo learned its lesson now – just like Sony with x86 regarding PS4 and PS5, or Microsoft through its backwards compatibility already starting with Xbox 360. Nintendo, just stick with Nvidia please – by keeping backwards compatibility in mind – whatever (Tegra) hardware you may provide next – and you should be fine… No need for Twitter (sarcasm)!‘

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