Zu „Teenage Queen“ (1988)

Comment: ‚I’m fascinated by this genre as long as I can remember. And unfortunately this could have been its pinnacle – especially regarding the heavy usage of her eyes to convey typical poker tension and emotions in full screen cuts between any moment (something cinematic that was very unusual at the time and only titles like „Another World“ could back then achieve). Aside of video the genre did not evolve over time which is a real shame because it could consist of intimate human communication in a nutshell.

It’s so sad but no one producing all of those erotic titles for Patreon or Steam seems anywhere near interested in recapturing that spirit: this also may have been the only strip poker game in which you lose for the first time the same progress (the next picture) is shown as if you would have won: there’s a logic behind that because the game always depends on presenting you another image creating a wonderful loop.

Aesthetically, this Atari ST version is quite different from the Amiga in its color tones. There was a (censored) playthrough on the Amiga released in 2018 here on YouTube which shows that very well: the whole game only consists of twelve images (including the final one where it is revealed that she’s a robot). The constant chuckles and repeating sound (voice) samples can get very annoying at times, also the fact that there’s no music – otherwise this is in my opinion THE perfect video game. While it certainly helps that it’s by the way great pornopraphy too.

Theoretically speaking: being minimalist without any foray into reductionism (like so many titles relying on representation and political attitudes) – aside the aforementioned gameplay loop. From an artistic standpoint it therefore reminds me of the minimalist adventure game Stranded (2014) which on the outside looks like a second „The Dig“ (1995) but is actually something totally different: it achieves a lot by delivering so little. Perhaps even eternity.‘

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