Neue Rezension: „Price of Power“ (ongoing game)

Patreon/Steam. Da die folgende Rezension von mir auf Steam, obwohl sie positiv ist, aufgrund einiger Kritik und Referenzen besonders gefährdet ist vom Autor des Spiels „The Pandaman“ gelöscht zu werden – wie AutorInnen das auch immer bewerkstelligen können – veröffentliche ich sie hier (wie üblich) aus Sicherheitsgründen ein zweites Mal:

‚Again, don’t let yourself fool you by the negative reviews present here – claiming there may be not enough „lewd“ content: as I’ve written in other reviews before, most reviews are misleading. Please don’t trust any review aggregator. If you don’t trust me either, judge for yourselves.
This title is as pornographic as all the other adult visual novels (AVN). It just starts at a slower pace.
Ok, „Price of Power“ also somehow claims to be nicer than other AVN: it actually fails being that by getting into your typical sex scenes much too soon.

All of the sexual activities I’ve seen so far are very unimaginative to begin with. Yes, they may be non-violent but that’s it: sexuality can be much more than that.
All of the body images are your typical model types. Especially the male character looks and feels very tame but everything is presented from his perspective. As if his feelings and thoughts would be that interesting… Only the character of the main female romantic interest is more fleshed out.
As there’s a strong emphasis on emotional and philosophical overtones most of it is not very well written. It considerably lacks humor too: I did not encounter one funny line (!). The tone is overwhelmingly serious and melodramatic. Perhaps I expected too much: the prose itself is not worth reading. I suggest you skip most of it.
Unfortunately that can be said for the majority of the genre – even outside AVN. While the best examples let you invest a lot I truly think even the products coming out of Sekai Project translations are manipulating people emotionally and are not that good from a literary standpoint. Western interactive fiction easily achieved much better results early on without trying to manipulate the reader too much.

„Price of Power“ certainly also tries exactly that but it just simulates something like empathy. This manipulation even begins by presenting a certain setting: at first glance, „Price of Power“ looks like (high) fantasy fare. Yes, there are fantasy creatures in it but by presenting its philosophical ideas there’s much more of a sci-fi element to all of it. Consciousness – subjective experiences (qualia) – tend to get reflected by a neutral entity of the male protagonist that’s manifested as another character and is presented as someone who looks like an android. So there is a strong materialist approach to everything. All in all very unimaginative and confusing at times: no, every supernatural element seems getting avoided but it certainly looks like exactly that: hocus-pocus.

This title was hailed on a YouTube channel which claims to be „sex-positive“: don’t trust people who speak in these terms.
I use the term myself. Sometimes.
Yet the term of sex-positivity is for the most part meaningless. In my experience, most of the people who think of themselves as „sex-positive“ acutally do have a problem with their own sexuality and are very judgemental when it comes to the sexualities of other people.

What really stands out here is the lighting: you see, this may be the by far best-lit AVN I’ve ever seen. The true highlight of the game lies in its depiction of nature. While the production values of those games are usually very low, what’s here in terms of visual composition s really very good. Especially regarding day and night.
The music is mostly ok but some cues in certain scenes are dead wrong. So if you’re really interested in the slow development of sexual relations and don’t need pornographic content (or typical male characters which means – warning: the word gets censored by steam – large penises), I suggest you play the even excellently written „A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986“ from a company called Oracle and Bone instead. And if you like it more rough, just play both titles of PhillyGames.
Yet „Price of Power“ certainly is interesting and may be very well worth to click through once (while usually considering all the different choices) – even when the 30 (!) planned chapters are finished.‘

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