Die postmoderne Praxis

Comment: ‚I think „wokeism“ is a product of postmodern practices but certainly not something coming out of postmodern theory. I found not one „woke“ idea in fundamental works by for example Lyotard – or even Derrida. The same goes with the sociological origins of postcolonial thinking: I see not a single hint about „critical race theory“ (CRT) in the works of for example Stuart Hall. In fact I have to say regarding what I’ve been told by these people through decades, all of this („wokeism“/CRT) alienated me very much now.

To „question everything“ so to speak, or to rely on images rather than written texts: I give you a prime example – from a poststructuralist standpoint (looking at postmodernism – as I always have – as a direct reaction to Ferdinand de Saussure) one of the notions of the „postmodern self“ was to not rely on the definition of certainties anymore. Certainties in a very modern sense which means defined by teleological means – towards a goal (like prosperity or capitalist wealth). And therefore the assumption of certainties like the existence of undeniable „privilege“ – or vice versa „inherited disadvantages“ – contradicts postmodern thought at its core I think. Likewise the ecological movement towards the battling of climate change may very well also be the product of these practices (to question certain aspects of life like bringing children to this dying world) but its „truths“ can not possibly be the result of any „real“ postmodern thought. Neither can be.

In the end „wokeism“ as a civil religion full of dogmatic implications must reject relativism too (not unlike my Catholic Church) and it already does so when regarding sexism and racism „males“ and „whites“ are more and more considered to only „represent“ one side of the moral struggle so to speak. I strongly believe not only pluralism is at stake her, but diversity itself may very well only be an excuse for in the end deeply monochromatic ideas – because a colorful society may actually not be the only way to go and its goal in itself (meaning color all the time) an overflow of always the same. Like Moeller says what’s happening on universities today rather marketing of products than social justice. The historic power of the Church repeating itself through „civil“ means.‘

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