Power and language

Comment: ‚In this clip alone, over 11 minutes of blatant summarized accusations made against other people but the network (through its anchor) does not manage to address the elephant in the room once: how the incident was portrayed on tabloids outside of social media. Social media does only accelerate attitudes that are elsewhere already there.

First: those manipulative language used in a Daily Mail headline for example, suggesting the same thing (including the unfortunately now common Pizzagate association targeted at a former spouse of the attacker). Yes, discourse is at the moment that low in the English speaking world: maybe at an all-time low.

Reality does not matter. Yet humanity may not get its act together (again) only by constantly blaming others.

So I’m not an English native speaker but you somehow just have to generally ask yourself what’s „wrong“ not with individual people, their „opinions“ or supposed to be humor – please just stop at getting appalled to all of this, it’s not only missing the point of seeing a bigger picture (just watching again and again the same events unfold) but also fueling quite similar feelings obviously lacking in the humanity of others -, but in general with the fact how information is communicated through emotions these days. Yes, emotions that eventually may lead to (expressed) violence or violent actions. Aggressive behavior humanity really should avoid at all costs.

Yet the right-wing narrative in here is still a very different one: they principally stated that a „deranged individual“ like the one they identify with the attacker – which means a person with a supposedly lifestyle like his – cannot possibly be linked to their „conservative“ ideas.

They’re right. That’s ridiculous. Therefore not everything is a „conspiracy theory“: some bad taste only abuses the occasion.

Second: regarding antisemitic junk – really? Black separatist hate groups spilling stuff like this are known in the United States for decades now, they’re just too fringe to get usually noticed by mainstream media but more important than that: they are not fitting the contemporary, moral superior concept of victimhood (anymore). And yes, Musk may be a problematic billionaire by himself but the real problem – the „empirical truth“ so to speak -, is that a huge „public square“ like Twitter is even in the hands of private companies, and not the people.‘ Nachlese

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