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Zu Kommentar bei meiner (positiven) Rezension von „I am Jesus Christ – Prologue“: ‚I’ve never burnt anyone, nor have I thrown feces at somebody. On the contrary, that’s exactly the kind of hateful rhetoric I meant in my review. Those words.
Being a devoted Christian, or not. However the scripture may get interpreted by others: no, I don’t think this game will promote any kind of violence. As hurtful some of christianity may currently still be, or may have been in the past.

And regarding the communities I wrote about: in general unfortunately yes, this form of negativity currently has to come from a much more „progressive“ and non-traditional place. For example from „Call of Duty“, one of the biggest franchises in games.
In „Modern Warfare II“ (2022), the only American flag reportedly in the game is on fire. The flag of a once proud nation.

That’s no „inclusion“ but in itself bigotry and intolerance, the state of this industry in which peaceful titles like this one (I am Jesus Christ) are forced to the fringe. End of communication: feel free to delete your comment. I won’t. To me, it’s a testament to the sentiments people of the global society as a whole currently have. Neither will I delete this replique.‘

Rezension von Heiligabend: ‚In many ways, we live in desperate times: with narrow-mindedness being the attitude Zeitgeist currently demands the most. It’s shocking but in this industry with all its „communities“, harmless religious content like this actually does get the same vile treatment as pornographic sexual expression by the very same public: more often than not considered a provocation, it’s ridiculed and people mock about it.
Hateful and „woke“ atheism may only combat all kinds of „sexism“ or „racism“ while preaching „love“ and „inclusion“ just when it suits their own good(s, yes even financially that is): ok, there is some cheesy imagery at present in „I Am Jesus Christ“. And its current (Unreal Engine 5) performance is certainly very poor. It’s also more fantasy than religion with resemblances („tropes“) being a nod to both „Skyrim“ and „Zelda“, but the asesthetics as far as I’ve seen them now are just plain, simple and very traditional in a non-offensive way. As someone who’s interested in contrasts I can say that as a first-person exploration/adventure game it certainly very much feels like a counterpart to „Agony“, a title set in a traditional depiction of „hell“ made by another Polish company.
Yet anyone who knows christianity at least a bit is very much aware of it rejecting any form of „magic“ and those effects do certainly look just like that. So that’s a problem but because of all those passion plays out there, playing an adult Jesus who at least in this „Prologue“ demo version („Level 1“) does not have a voice and therefore is very easy to identify with, definitely is not a „sin“: although I did not follow the narrative very far because the cotnroller did not work in text windows I truly consider the original idea alone to be borderline genius.

The passion may not stand front and center in the final product but taking Campbell’s hero’s journey and transform it into the life(times) of Jesus which is the life of a Jewish preacher who is some kind of a loner, outsider and through his visions gets out confronting the world with his powers and wisdom, is not just a treat for bible buffs like myself.
It’s just a good story even non-believers at some point may like. No, it’s more than that and even the greatest story ever told – just as that old Hollywood title suggested, and it finally just deserves a proper video game (after 50 years of commercially available products). So all technical problems and low production values aside, I’ll definitely buy this title sometime next year when the full „I Am Jesus Christ“ will hopefully arrive.‘

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