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Replique on Steam: ‚(…)

Yet I hope there will be more variety in the chatter of the full version because according to the PS5 demo (which in fact is a vertical slice) some lines can repeat themselves every minute or so.

The dialogue is definitely Whedonesque – combined with a „Harry Potter“ feel of magic and a certain sense of „fashion“ unseen in any major narrative video game. On many levels this is not what a „good“ video game by today’s standards should be – neither regarding gameplay, nor representation.
I love „Final Fantasy XV“. Therefore I will definitely at least like it and want to support something out of the ordinary like this: they had a tech demo and made something extravagant and even anachronistic out of it, while the open world is exactly how I want it to be.

A foul-mouthed heroine in sneakers is certainly someone worth to remember and the overall strangeness of the fantasy world not unlike „Nier“, Lewis Carroll, „Zanzarah“ and „The Longest Journey“: I’ve never seen romantic (deer) and horror elements (zombies) combined like golden jewelry before.

And regarding the general complain about the very high price tag: I think people should be glad this is not an Epic exclusive and Square Enix does indeed provide a proper PC port. Unlike „Stranger of Paradise“ (which in tone is very similar) the engine already proofed with „Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition“ to work very well on the PC. So everyone with some proper hardware should be fine and good to go.
Although I do think this will get very bad reviews and the game will turn out as a financial disaster for Square, I will be very much fond of it.

In the end I still prefer consoles but I cannot recommend the PS5 version: this is a much faster game than „Final Fantasy XV“ but the 60fps mode provided there just looks ugly (and the two quality modes are not looking much better either). Unfortunately this engine may very well just demand much more horespower under the hood but it will also definitely be the second and last game made with Luminous.‘

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