Maybe we’re alone

Comment: ‚To be honest I don’t think that alien civilizations may even exist. All phenomena we perceive today – or stories we hear from other people which actually do trace to different star systems near our home system and so on – may even just refer to other explanations like for example time-traveling humans from the future. And that may also explain why there seems to be a „truth“ somehow hidden from us and everything looks like a „conspiracy“ to some extend for some people because the politics of time-travel may just be very difficult for a future society to obtain and manage at a reasonable level.

Life is important to us because we’re living and we somehow may want everywhere to be the same and someone else to also live like we do. So therefore life as an idea may be something out of the ordinary and of great importance only to us – not because it would be very common but rare in the universe and just a coincidence because of the sun, the moon and everything that surrounded the constitution of our planet. Yet life may not actually be „something special“ at all – only for us – but – otherwise – just an anomaly like many others.

Even the consequence of life on earth is very limited from the universe’s perspective: yes we may travel to different worlds in the far future and gain new points of views from there, so we may somehow evolve, sustain life here and there and I do strongly suggest we actually should try to live elsewhere (like Mars) pretty soon but I would not expect life anywhere else to have evolved somehow like it did here.‘

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