Warnung vor einer Zunahme irreführender Geräte

Auf Amazon.de: „Be aware of devices like that: you may never be able to actually store Xbox Series S titles on it.

It may look like an Xbox Series S and it sounds super fast on paper but for current-gen consoles it just works like a cheap HDD: currently only the very expensive cards from Seagate you put in the back of the console can be used as an external storage solution.
On devices like this only older Xbox titles (like from the 360 and Xbox One era) and some (in fact very few) upgraded ones – which do not utilize faster storage – do work.
Unfortunately not only dubious streamers but also some respectable journalistic outlets are recommending much faster and more expensive external storage on all current-gen consoles than can ever actually be utilized: whether it’s about SD cards for Nintendo Switch*, internal M.2 SSDs for the PS5 or even such devices designed for Xbox, those (often sponsored?) suggestions are more than questionable and borderline criminal. And even with a 30% coupon these products still cost three times the price of a regular external SSD.“ Nachlese zur PS5 (mein Kampf um SSDs vom Sommer 2021) – Hinweis zu Xbox Series und Festplatten Ende 2020. * exclusive: also Steam Deck for that matter…

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