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Comment: ‚Yes. „4K Gaming is Dumb“.

Therefore I recently bought a 5K monitor, to replace my 4K one. I guess I’m even „dumber“ then.
Seriously, why is YouTube recommending to me, again and again, videos by this channel. I remember downvoting every single one of them. Didn’t I?
Or is it because it is watched millions of times? Then let me be clear, once and for all: I don’t like these types of videos for the same reasons I usually don’t go to the likes of Twitter. Because I think „social media“ like this does societies actually great harms.
So, again, this video…
I consider it naturalistic and technocratic disinformation. As usual.
To me, it’s plain counter-enlightenment: it reduces people’s attention span (even further) and their capability of understanding (especially between so-called „facts“ and simple opinions).
There is no reason to flag it of course, because Google’s censors themselves are also the victims of this kind of media. And think such videos are perfectly fine.
Yet I think its aesthetics are damaging my brain too (even further, haha, didn’t watch more than 10 seconds of it), its language is infantile and not insightful at all, its contents are offending my (therefore non-existent) intellect, its politics to be hateful, violent and abusive. Harassment. Got it?
No? Not a surprise.
(And no, I didn’t have to watch more than 10 seconds to know all of the above – because its intentions are crystal clear in the first place, by the picture it gets advertised alone.)‘

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