Neuer Kommentar bei Censored Gaming (CG)

Comment: ‚This usage of the term is actually quite interesting: all of the institutions were established in the 1990s as some form of a state regulation. What we see here is a clear shift to public interest regarding (other) tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and so on too. Not the laws of a state, nation or country are important anymore, but the policies of the tech companies come first.

Freedom of speech? Within our rules say the tech giants.

Freedom of expression? When we think it’s appropriate, the tech giants say.

They’ve created moral guidelines or, like Sony, decide on a case to case bases what’s still allowed and what not anymore. Yes, we already saw this in the industry once before a long time ago: when Nintendo, despite its success, caressed its family friendly image up until the N64 through the 1980s and 1990s. They originally did this as a consequence of the Atari 2600 debacle regarding „bad“ games and combined their efforts with quality assurance issues and their „seal of quality“, finally abandoning this behavior just with the arrival of the GameCube at the dawn of this millennium (but not the „seal“ that is).

They allowed the likes of „Resident Evil“ finally coming in. Uncensored.

But this is different. A conservative stand, family values, or quality management are one thing – this is another: Nintendo as a company always somehow tried to thrive on an image like Disney’s – while Sony, SEGA and such originally certainly did not. Originally, their public relations were not different to any other entertainment company: it’s entertainment as a whole that has changed.

In the end the question is what’s „cool“ anymore: I grew up in a time when being „cool“ always was tailored towards the transgressive. This is clearly not the case anymore: the moral majority has flipped, video games are now part of it and have to deliver certain „values“ concerning what’s right and wrong. Otherwise they get excluded and in the end are really not produced anymore. This is what „inclusion“ nowadays really means: being progressive now means to execute those „values“ – not conquer them. If you dare not to, not play by the rules, you’re out (of the game).

That’s why SEGA is also not producing the likes of „Condemned“ anymore. Violence in video games nowadays always has to work on a basic functional level and is not considered to disturb anyone outside certain tidbits like in „Doom“ or „Mortal Kombat“. The colorful things are all really really tame, do not hurt anyone and should not hurt anyone.‘

Nachtrag: an einer Stelle im CG-Video wird das altes Zitat einer anonymen Person der Unterhaltungsabteilung von Sony (PlayStation) in Amerika (SCEA) bezüglich Oben-ohne-Darstellungen in „BMX XXX“ in den Nullerjahren eingeblendet in dem sogar der Begriff „equity“ vorkommt. Der britische Autor von Censored Gaming enthält sich grundsätzlich politischer Stellungnahmen, vorgeblich um Objektivität zu wahren, aber ein klarer Hinweis auf die aktuelle Biden-Policy wäre an dieser Stelle doch mehr als angebracht gewesen. Schließlich können die Rahmenbedingungen so (auch) nicht erklärt werden: Sony war, ähnlich wie Apple, spätestens seit dem Erfolg der PS2 in den Nullerjahren in einer Position angelangt in der sie einer großen und breiten Öffentlichkeit ausgesetzt gewesen sind. Nintendo und Microsoft in der ersten Hälfte der Nullerjahre jene die Sony nacheiferten.

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